About Hair Envy

Hair Envy About Face is nestled within the beautiful village-like atmosphere of Downtown Oakville.
Downtown Oakville is the place to be for complete pampering, fine clothing, a great meal and of course fabulous looking hair, along with bright youthful looking skin. This unique setting provides a wonderful atmosphere of inspiration, style and fashion.

Enter Hair Envy About Face, offering a unique perspective and all the magic to beautify you and make you feel completely spoiled.

British Experience

Our senior stylist, trained in London England's trendy West End, can draw upon thirty-four years of experience in hairstyling and knows implicitly that hairstyling is an integral part of the fashion business. It is arguably the most important part of your style wardrobe, when your hair feels great, your confidence climbs and you look great.

Our Aim

Our aim is for you to leave our salon and spa feeling relaxed and beautiful. By helping you look good and feeling great we know our challenge has been met and likely exceeded. Whether you require your new style for a very special occasion or just to show the best looking version of you, Hair Envy About Face is the location for you.

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